How to Train Front Hip Loading for Baseball Athletes

In today’s post CDSF coaches Mike Sirani and Dan Jones discuss and show you four different exercises that train front hip loading for baseball athletes.

When throwing, one way to increase velocity and improve your efficiency is to improve the ability to load your hips- on both your trail and lead leg.

Training back hip loading can be done by improving your hip hinge, learning to sit back, and building strength in that pattern (i.e. deadlifting). Your front leg then must be able to accept that force to allow you to transfer it towards home plate. If your lead hip doesn’t have the mobility, the strength, or the timing to accept that force you’ll likely see that force get transferred up to the spine; leaving velocity on the table and unnecessary stress placed on the lower back.

Give these four exercises a try to train the correct muscles needed to load your front hip and train the mobility, strength, and timing needed to optimally transfer force from your lower body through the baseball.

1. Split-Stance Chop

2. Split-Stance Fake Diagonal MB Slam

3. Landmine SLDL

4. Split-Stance Double Clutch MB Slam

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