Capital District Sport and Fitness Strength and Conditioning Internships allow participants an opportunity to learn from and work alongside the CDSF staff learning our systems and setting yourself up for a successful career in the fitness industry.


During an internship at Capital District Sport and Fitness you’ll work closely under the supervision of the CDSF staff observing and gaining hands on experience in building client relationships, learning to effectively communicate, and safely coaching athletes and general fitness clients of all ages and levels. 

You’ll also develop a better understanding of exercise physiology, biomechanics, psychology, and nutrition and how to use these variables to create better client outcomes and experiences. You’ll also have exposure learning what it’s like to operate a small business and learn different aspects of successfully building a brand in the fitness industry.


We are openly accepting applications for internships, you can apply at any time. We offer three internship groups throughout the year, dates may vary slightly based on holidays. 


  • Winter/Spring January 3rd to May 13th Deadline for submission is August 1st
  • SummerJune 1st  to August 20th Deadline for submission is April 12th.
  • Fall – September 8th to December 10th – Deadline for submission is May 1st.

Hours vary based on time of year but include a variety of times including Saturdays, early mornings, and evening hours. At times during the sports seasons, we are open until as late as 9:00 PM.

We accept both full-time and part-time positions, though prefer full-time applicants.  If you have any scheduling restrictions, please disclose them while applying.

All internships are unpaid and participation does not entitle the participant to a job at the conclusion of the internship.

Interns are Expected to:

  1. Act in a way consistent with our Core Values.
  2. Have a willingness to learn the systems at CDSF.
  3. Have a desire to advance their skills and career in the Fitness Industry.
  4. Have great people skills, communication skills, and professionalism in order to properly interact with clients, parents, coaches, and other professionals.
  5. Study the CDSF Exercise Manual prior to arriving for their internship.
  6. Be competent teaching dynamic warm-up & flexibility drills
  7. Demonstrate a knowledge of training techniques
  8. Be eager to learn and accepting of constructive criticism
  9. Must be comfortable interacting with clients, parents, etc.
  10. Present yourself in a manner that will reinforce your status as a role model for impressionable young athletes.

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Currently pursuing or holds a related undergraduate or graduate degree
  2. Valid First Aid/CPR Certification
  3. Able to Participate in the full duration of the internship for 40 hours per week, including the potential for weekend, morning, and evening hours as needed
  4. Pursuing or holds a related certification with a highly recognized organization i.e. CSCS, NASM, CFSC

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At CDSF we work with a wide range of clients from those looking to get out of pain, to weekend warriors, to high school, college, and professional athletes including:

CDSF’s industry leading coaches have been featured in publications including:


We plan on receiving dozens of applications for our internships. Please follow the below instructions prior to applying or we may not consider your application.

  • Step 1 – Film a brief ~3 minute video of yourself explaining why you want to intern at CDSF, where you see yourself in the next 3-5 years, and why we should consider you.
  • Step 2 Upload the video to Youtube and set the restrictions to view as “unlisted.”
  • Step 3Click here to download our application and fill out completely.
  • Step 4Send email to – the subject of the email should be “Strength Intern Application.”   Use the body of the email as a brief cover letter and be sure to include the private link to view your application video. Attach the application and a resume that includes at least 3 professional references.

Deadlines for Submission:

  • Winter/Spring January 3rd to May 13th Deadline for submission is August 1st
  • SummerJune 1st, 2021  to August 20th 2021 Deadline for submission is April 12th.
  • Fall – September 8th to December 10th – Deadline for submission is May 1st.

Selection Process:

One week after the application deadline candidates will be notified if they have been selected for our interview process. Video interviews will take place the following week (two weeks after application deadline). At the end of that week all remaining candidates will be notified of their possible acceptance.