5 Drills to Improve Shoulder Internal Rotation

If you’re an overhead athlete it’s important to keep your shoulder mobility in check to stay healthy throughout the course of the season and your career. One measurement that’s important to monitor is your shoulder’s total motion. The total motion of your right side should be equal to the total motion of your left side.

Total motion= Internal Rotation + External Rotation

If there’s a discrepancy between sides you’ll likely see a decrease in internal rotation or an increase in external rotation in the shoulder of your dominant arm. If a decrease in internal rotation is your issue give these 5 exercises a try to improve your mobility and keep your shoulders healthy.

1. Posterior Shoulder Rolling to improve soft-tissue quality

2. Acumobility Rolling to improve muscular tightness

3. Positional Breathing to improve alignment

4. Prone IR to improve end-range control

5. Manual Therapy or Manual Stretching

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