5 Exercises to Improve Your Acceleration

When it comes to excelling in a field sport your ability to rapidly accelerate can be what separates you from the competition. Being able to go from 0-60 mph, or in more applicable terms, going from a stand still to moving 10 yards down the field to get to the ball; or running out of the box to first base faster will greatly improve your level of play and impact in games.

Here are some of our progressions at CDSF to work on linear acceleration.

1. Sled March- Teaches acceleration posture and makes athlete stabilize against an external load, leading to core and hip extension strength. 

2. Lean, Fall, Run- Allows athlete to focus on mechanics and forward momentum for acceleration.

3. Split Squats- Trains lower body strength and force production

4. Tennis Ball Drop – Adds a reactive component and makes athlete display acceleration mechanics unconsciously. 

5. Partner Chase Sprint- Making sprint work competitive can increase the intensity of the drill. Be sure to build good mechanics and capacity with prior drills before making sprint work competitive to reduce the likelihood of injury.

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