How to Perform the Landmine Press

Today’s post is a clip from our Monthly Video Series, PT to the Gym with physical therapist Pat Suarez from Suarez Sports and Orthopedic Physical Therapy Here CDSF coach Mike Sirani and Pat go over the Landmine Press.

This exercise is something that we commonly use with our overhead athletes and lifters who struggle with scapular upward rotation or have prior shoulder injuries that make overhead pressing difficult. The Landmine Press is a great way to train upward rotation of the shoulder blade, which is important for throwing, training overhead, and keeping the shoulders healthy.

When performing remember to:

✅Create a little space between your elbow and your body at the bottom position.

✅Use your free hand to monitor your rib cage position and feel your abs engage.

✅Push and reach towards the ceiling when pressing to drive more scapular upward rotation.

👊Give them a try and let us know how they go!

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