How to Perform the Bottoms-Up 1-Arm KB Military Press

Overhead pressing is commonly seen in training programs to build shoulder size and strength. Today CDSF coach Dan Jones and Pat Suarez from Suarez Sports and Orthopedic Physical Therapy go over a lesser known overhead pressing variation, the bottoms-up kb military press.

The bottoms-up kb press is an excellent option for those who have struggled with shoulder pain or injuries and still want to press overhead. Along from increased shoulder strength the bottoms-up kb military press is also great because:

  • The instability of the bottoms-up kb forces the rotator cuff to work harder to keep the ball of the shoulder joint centered in the socket
  • It allows you to press in the scapular plane, allowing for better shoulder blade movement and potentially making a once painful overhead press become pain free.
  • It challenges your grip strength
  • Pressing with 1-arm will present a greater challenge for your core

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