What’s the Difference Between Passive vs Active Shoulder Mobility?

If you’re an overhead athlete it’s important to keep your shoulder mobility in check to stay healthy throughout the course of the season and your career. One measurement that’s important to monitor is your shoulder’s total motion. The total motion of your right side should be equal to the total motion of your left side.

Total motion= Internal Rotation + External Rotation_Once you’ve ensured your total motion is equal on each side you want to be sure that your active range is equal to your passive range. This means that if someone else is able to rotate your shoulder joint 110 degrees, then you should have the strength and control to also rotate it 110 degrees. 

In today’s video series we partner with Pat Suarez from Suarez Sports and Orthopedic Physical Therapy to discuss assessing active vs passive shoulder mobility in throwing athletes.

Exercises to Improve Active Shoulder Mobility:

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