The Importance of Hip Rotation for Throwing Athletes

We know that there’s a lot of lower body involvement when throwing, especially rotation of the hips. Proper hip rotation allows an athlete to maintain better alignment and direction during the throwing motion which will set him or her up for having better pelvic and trunk rotation, leading to an improved ability to generate torque and increase velocity and consistency.

In today’s video series we partner with Pat Suarez from Suarez Sports and Orthopedic Physical Therapy to discuss assessing and improving hip rotation in throwing athletes by learning how to check if you have an adequate amount of hip rotation and going over four mobility drills to improve your hip position, mobility, and motor control.

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Drill # 1: 90-90 Hip Lift

Drill # 2: Kneeling Glute Mobilizations

Drill # 3: Standing Hip CARs

Drill # 4: 90-90 Hip Switches

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