How to Perform the Prone 1-Arm Trap Raise

The prone 1-arm trap raise is a great shoulder exercise for lifters and overhead athletes that we first covered with Suarez Sports and Orthopedic Physical Therapy during Episode 1 of PT to The Gym. Today CDSF coaches Mike Sirani and Dan Jones show you how to set up and perform the exercise properly.

The lower traps are important muscles for controlling your shoulder blade movement, especially when moving your arms overhead. Being able to execute a clean low trap raise is an important first step toward keeping your shoulders healthy during higher intensity exercises in the gym or higher intensity throwing on the field.

When performing be sure to:

✅Engage your abs to get back set in a neutral position

✅Start with a straight line from your shoulder down to your arm

✅Keep your elbow straight while moving your thumb toward the ceiling, making a “Y”

✅Tip your shoulder blade back, making space between the front of your shoulder and table at the top position

✅Hold and feel your upper back working at the top

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