Why You Should Combine Shoulder and Ab Exercises

Having a durable shoulder girdle and a strong core are critical for long-term athletic success; but the days of relying only on band external rotations, Y’s, T’s, W’s, and crunches for staying healthy are a thing of the past.

As younger athletes continue to play more games each year, the value of quality movement, mechanics, and strength becomes increasingly important to stay injury-free.

Rotational sports like baseball, golf, field hockey, and lacrosse demand whole-body movements that require your hips, trunk and shoulders to work together. Your shoulders and abs must function properly on their own, but you must also integrate your ab and shoulder exercises to optimize your training and durability on the field.

Today CDSF coach Dan Jones shows you two exercises that combine both ab and shoulder training.

1. Side Plank w/ External Rotation

2. Side Plank Row

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