At Home Sports Performance Workout

CDSF Sports Performance Workout

Hi CDSF Family, as we all do our part practicing #socialdistancing we wanted share a Sports Performance Workout that you can get done at home with minimal to no equipment.

1A) Sprint-Side Shuffle-Sprint (10 yards/ea)- 3x

2A) Heidens at 45 Degrees w/ Mini-Bounce- 3×5/side

2B) Wall Glute March Thirds- 3×6

A1) Bulgarian Split Squats- 3×6/side

A2) Explosive Step-Ups 3×5/side

B1) 1-Leg Squat to Box- 3×8/side

B2) Feet-Elevated Push-Ups-3×6-8

C1) Bent-Over 1-Arm Row 3×10/side

C2) TGU to Elbow- 3×4/side

Conditioning: Tempo Runs: 12×80 yards at 75% effort with 30s rest between sets

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