4 Single-Leg Exercise Progressions

In today’s post CDSF coaches Mike Sirani and Dan Jones go over four progressions you can make to beginning single-leg exercises to increase their difficulty.

As with double leg exercises like squats and deadlifts you must incorporate alternative ways to increase the difficulty of an exercise other than simply adding more weight to the bar. While progressive overload is extremely important and is a big piece of what we do at CDSF we also use methods like: increasing the range of motion, increasing time under tension, and decreasing points of stability.

👊Give these four single-leg exercise progressions a try and let us know how they go!

1. Goblet Split-Stance Adductor Mobilizations- Here is a progression we got from Suarez Sports and Orthopedic Physical Therapy . Adding the goblet hold to your split-stance adductor mobilizations is a great way to challenge your core and train your hip hinge pattern more.

2. 1-Leg Glute Bridge w/ KB Pullover- Adding the KB pullover to the 1-leg glute bridge increases the demand on your anterior core, shoulder mobility, and hip muscles to stabilize your pelvis.

3. DB Step-Up w/ Knee Drive- Adding in the knee drive to your step-ups will decrease the number of points of contact your body has increase the stability demands at your hip and also trains opposite hip extension and flexion.

4. 2-Arm Front Loaded KB Lateral Lunges- Switching to a 2-arm KB front load will allow you to increase the load a bit more than your traditional goblet hold and also increase the challenge to your upper back. 

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