4 Exercises to Improve Overhead Shoulder Stability

In today’s post CDSF coaches Dan Jones and Mike Sirani go over four upper body exercises that will help you improve your overhead shoulder stability and keep your shoulders healthy during periods of higher volume and intensity upper body training. 

Give these four exercises a try before or during your next upper body training session and let us know how they go!

1. Weighted Deadbugs- This is a great exercise to train your anterior core and practice moving your shoulders overhead without arching your lower back, while also working on shoulder strength near end-range shoulder flexion.

2. 1-Arm Forearm Wall Slides with Med Ball– This is a great exercise to train upward rotation of your shoulder blade. The med ball adds resistance to the movement as you go overhead and also helps you use your serratus anterior, an important muscles for training scapular upward rotation. 

3. Half-Kneeling KB Windmill- This is a great exercise to train hip mobility while also training shoulder stability. You’ll also train getting length through one ab wall while contracting the other, which is important for rotational sport athletes. 

4. Front Racked KB Crosswalk- Adding in overhead kettlebell hold to your front racked carry will not only increase the challenge for your anterior core, but also improve your overhead shoulder stability. 

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