How to Make the Squat a More Trainable Exercise

The barbell back squat is an exercise that you’ll frequently see in strength and conditioning programs. It’s a great exercise to build strength and power in your lower body, but because it’s technique intensive and requires perquisite mobility in your hips, ankles, spine, and shoulders it can become a difficult exercise to perform correctly.

Today’s post is a clip from our Monthly Series PT to The Gym with Suarez Sport and Orthopedic Physical Therapy. In it CDSF coach Mike Sirani and Pat go over how you can modify your barbell back squat depending on your mobility and injury history.

Modification 1: Front Squat

Modification 2: Widen your Base of Support and Angle Toes Out

Modification 3: Squat to a Box

Remember everyone’s hips are structured differently and we all have different levels of mobility. Because of this not all of our squats will look the same and the back squat isn’t the be-all and end-all of squatting. Find which variation and technique works best for you and get strong!

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