Goal Setting & Goal Mapping to Guide Your Fitness Journey

Starting and maintaining a fitness routine can be difficult. Failing to set proper goals for yourself can make starting or sticking to your routine even harder.

In today’s post CDSF coach and Sport Psychology Consultant Dan Jones talks about goal setting and goal mapping.

There are many ways you can set effective goals for yourself some examples are:

1. Write it down: This will make your goals more tangible and allow you to physically see your goals every day!

2. Set a time constraint for your goals: Set a specific “due date” to achieve your goals. You will be more accountable and less likely to say you’ll “get to it eventually”. Review these regularly and adjust accordingly.

3. Set Specific, measurable, aggressive yet attainable, realistic goals!

Use these tips to create your own goals and start 2019 off on the right foot! Let us know how it goes!

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