4 Warm-Ups for Healthy Shoulders

Having and maintaining healthy shoulders is important for having a long career in the gym. One way to ensure your shoulders stay healthy is making sure that you have adequate mobility and strength at the shoulder joint and shoulder blades.

In today’s post CDSF Coach Dan Jones shows your four exercises to help improve your shoulder mobility and strength. Give these a try next time before you train your upper body or on an off day from the gym.

1. Supine Resisted Shoulder Flexion on Roller: Trains mobility and stability at the shoulder joint. The foam roller serves as a way to ensure you’re not compensating with your lower back when moving arms overhead and the band serves as resistance for your rotator cuff.

2. Forearm Wall Slides @ 135 w/ Lift-Off & Swimmers Hover: Great way to train upward rotation and posterior tilt of the shoulder blades. The hover also allows you to get some length through the triceps.

3. TRX Alternating Serratus Slides: Trains your serratus anterior muscle which set your upper back in a good position when doing upper body exercises and trains your shoulder blades to move overhead.

4. Bottoms-Up KB Arm Bar: Trains integration between your hips, core, and shoulders. The bottoms-up hold will pose a greater challenge for your rotator cuff to stabilize your shoulder joint.

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