4 Exercises to Improve Landing Mechanics & Reduce Injury

In today’s post CDSF coach Dan Jones is going to show you four exercises we use to teach proper landing mechanics in our athletes. When it comes to improving performance and reducing lower body injury risk, ensuring that athletes are landing with proper mechanics during their plyometric training is key. 

Too often, plyometrics are rushed and because of that quality is sacrificed for quantity and proper landing positions are overlooked.

Before you worry a ton about force production and getting in a lot of reps it is important to demonstrate the ability to absorb and control force with good landing mechanics.

Here are four exercises we use early in athlete’s programs to teach proper landings that allow them to progress to higher level plyometric training:

1. Snap Downs

2. 1-Leg Drop Squat

3. Hurdle Hop w/ Stick

4. Heidens w/ Stick

👊Give these a try and let us know how they go!

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