CDSF In-Service: Periodization for the General Fitness Client

Every Wednesday the CDSF Staff meets or gets together with other practitioners and coaches in the Capital District to talk about what they’ve been learning, give brief presentations, or  have discussions about different topics in the health and fitness field.

We’ll be occasionally giving you all an inside look at what goes down during our weekly in-service. And yes, there is more to it than Dan crushing Red Bull’s and Mike chugging coffee.

Here’s a clip from a CDSF In-Service a few weeks ago with Chiropractor Mike Missenis. During it we discuss Periodization for the General Fitness client and touch on:

  • Assessment
  • Training Different Fitness Qualities
  • Is there any Difference in Client Results Between Linear & Non-Linear Periodization?
  • Weighing Risk vs. Reward

How to Integrate with Practitioners from other Fields

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