Lower Body Power Development & Change of Development At Home

CDSF Athletes!

While you’re crushing your #socialdistancing here are 5 lower body power development and change of direction exercises that you can put in a circuit and use as you’re warm-up or conditioning after your training session.

1) Crossover & Stick 3×3/side

2) Side Shuffle to Split-Stance Jump Stop 3×5/side

3) Heidens at 45 Degrees with Mini-Bounce 3×5/side

4) Medial/Lateral Line Hops 3×10/side

5) Sprint-Decelerate-Sprint 3×10 yards

👊And feel free to share your workouts on your social stories and feeds or tag a friend to let the #CDSFFamily know you’re still getting your work in!

✌️&❤️ -The CDSF Staff

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