CDSF Pre-Throwing Warm-Up

Here’s a time efficient warm-up for the upper body in order to be prepared to throw a baseball. We’ll go over soft tissue work, stretching, a dynamic warm-up, and band work in order to keep you healthy and ready to throw a baseball.

You’ll start with soft tissue work using a foam roller, stick roller, and baseball.

15-30s each area

1. Foam Roll: Lats

2. Baseball: Pecs, Posterior Shoulder

3. Stick Roll: Forearm Flexors, Extensors, Biceps, Triceps

Follow up the soft tissue work with some upper body stretches. Make sure to not force range of motion that isn’t there and feel the stretches where they are meant to be felt.

1. Cross Body, Forearm Flexors, Back to Wall Shoulder Flexion, Forearm Wall Slides x8 Each

2. Arm Circles, Abduction/Adduction, Flexion/Extension x10 each

We’ll finish up with six band exercises. It’s important to move through your individual range of motion and not force excess range you can’t control. Be sure to maintain control of the ball in the socket while you go through each band exercise. x10 each

1. ER/IR at Side

2. ER/IR at 90

3. Band Y

4. Band Diagonals

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