4 Lower Body Mobility Exercises

4 Lower Body Mobility Exercises

In today’s post CDSF coaches Dan Jones and Mike Sirani go over four lower body mobility exercises that will help you improve your lower body mobility and keep your hips healthy during periods of higher volume and intensity lower body training. 

Having the necessary range of motion and tissue quality in your hip and muscles of your lower body is important for being able to continually train and compete and high levels. 

👊Give these four exercises a try before your next lower body training session and let us know how they go!

1. Push-Up Position Hold to Downward Dog- This is a great exercise to stretch your hamstrings and calves while also integrating core and shoulder stability training.

2. Standing Tri-Planar Hamstrings Mobilizations- For those who truly have tight hamstrings or who’s hamstrings tend to get sore after games or heavy lower body training sessions this is a great option to stretch each of your hamstring muscles while also working to separate hip motion from lower back motion. 

3. Squat-to-Stand with Diagonal Reach- This is a great exercise to train hip mobility while also training shoulder and upper back mobility. Try using a 5 or 10 lb. plate under each heel if you have a hard time getting down into the deep squat position due to a lack of ankle mobility.

4. Eccentric-Emphasis Slide Board Leg Curl- Having adequate levels of eccentric strength (strength while a muscle is lengthening) is an important variable when it comes to increasing your mobility and preventing muscle strains. Performing the leg curl while making sure to be slow and controlled on the way out is a great way to train your hamstrings eccentrically. 

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