PT to The Gym Episode 4: Knee Pain

Episode 4 of PT to the Gym with Suarez Sports and Orthopedic Physical TherapyMike Sirani, and Dan Jones is live! In this episode we talk about:

What to do if you experience knee pain while squatting, running, jumping, or during other moments in your training session or on the field.

Pat then discusses and demonstrates:

  • How to use isometric exercises to rebuild your squat
  • Why moving is almost always better than rest
  • How to use external support to load the hip and take stress off of the knee when returning to single-leg exercises
  • And shows you his go-to exercises for hip stability and strengthening

Mike and Dan talk about their strategies for helping you still get a lower body training effect while dealing with knee pain and how they gradually challenge the knee joint in the gym to help get you back on the field and doing what you love pain free. Some other topics they touch in include:

  • High bar vs low bar squatting
  • Trap bar deadlifting and the RDL
  • What is a positive shin angle and why does it matter when dealing with knee pain and working toward getting back on the field.

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