A Look At the Kinematic Sequence and Power Development for Pitchers

If you’re a pitcher and lack lower body power or repeatability with your mechanics it’s going to be a difficult road for you as you work to advance your career. When it comes to successful pitchers you really want to see three things:

1. The ability to create maximum power with minimum effort

2. Repeatable Mechanics

3. Knowing where the ball is going

In order to use your power sources efficiently and be able to duplicate your movement it’s important to have a basic understanding of the kinematic sequence. The kinematic sequence for pitching is the order in which your body begins to decelerate toward home plate. 

In an efficient delivery it’ll look like this:

Hip Rotation –> Thorax Rotation –> Elbow Extension –> Shoulder Internal Rotation

One way to train this sequence is to go out and throw, but too high of throwing volumes throughout the year can lead to overuse injuries of the shoulder and elbow. A smarter way to train your sequencing and power development is by using med ball scoop tosses.

The med ball scoop toss allows you to increase your rotational power by practicing proper hip rotation –> thorax rotation sequencing without the added stress due to elbow extension and shoulder rotation. 

Give these a try and let us know how they go!

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