How to Improve Your Landing Mechanics with the Hurdle Hop

One of the most common questions we get from athletes at CDSF is how can I be more explosive, how can I improve my vertical jump, or how can I be more powerful. Our answer is always the same. You first have to learn how to properly decelerate.

Would you feel safe driving a Ferrari with bad brakes?

Likely not, and the same goes for training power in the gym.

Before you begin a more aggressive plyometrics program you first need to make sure you’re able to get your body in a good position to properly absorb force. The linear hurdle hop with a stick is a great place to start with a lower body power development program to set you up for injury prevention and improving explosiveness. 

In this post CDSF coach Mike Sirani goes over how to improve your landing mechanics with the linear hurdle hop. 

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