💪Your health, fitness, happiness, and safety continue to be our number one priority!

✅ Outdoor & Indoor Training Options with Social Distancing. 

✅Cleanest Gym in the Capital Region

✅Improved Safety and Sanitary Practices and Air Flow

✅Private, Semi-Private, and Small Group Training with Reduced Capacity and Social Distancing Measures

✅Facility Upgrades: Quadrupled number of sanitation stations, new water bottle filler to replace water fountain

✅Same Amazing Coaching and Community Experience

✅Same Fun and Inclusive Training Environme

Same Amazing Coaching & Community Experience While Prioritizing Your Health and Safety.

We’re excited to continue serving the Capital Region as the leader in Sports Performance, Semi-Private, and Personal Training. 

Sports Performance Training

Our flagship Sports Performance Training program is designed to build better, stronger, faster athletes. This program is built for high school, college, and professional athletes looking to gain a competitive edge as they work toward taking their game to the next level. All sessions will be performed with a max of 1:3 coach:athlete ratio to ensure safety and proper coaching.

Semi-Private Training

Our most popular membership option, Semi-Private Training provides adults with a tailored training program based on their health history, biomechanical assessment, and fitness goals.

You’ll begin with a full 1-hour assessment and strategy session, during which we’ll assess your mobility and movement patterns, identify risk factors, discuss your training history, injury history, and goals. Based on this, we’ll craft a tailored training program based on your unique health, fitness history, and goals.

Personal Training

If you have a specific goal in mind, you’re rehabilitating an injury, or just want closer personalized attention, personal training with one of our world class coaches at Capital District Sport and Fitness is an excellent option. Personal training will allow you to maximize your training experience with individualized coaching and programming, with a program tailored to your specific needs.

Don't Take Our Word For It- Hear What Others Are Saying About Working with the CDSF Coaching Staff

"I feel extremely comfortable going back to CDSF. The training staff is responsible and take every precaution to keep me safe. I have never once questioned anything the trainers at CDSF have taught me. I trust the staff because they are constantly working with you and making sure you’re doing everything properly. The training they have is above & beyond what you’ll find anywhere else. Both myself & my daughter Patty love this gym & we cannot recommend it enough." #cdsffamily
John S.
CDSF Member
"From day one, Mike Sirani and Dan Jones built trust in the truest sense one day at a time. It started with a personal evaluation of our Son's current state of health. Each workout cycle was custom built and tailored to our son's growth and progression. It was also updated at specified intervals and based on the time of year (e.g. in-season, pre-season and off-season). In this new norm, safety and sanitation will always been a concern. That's why more that ever, it's important that you go to someone you trust. I have never seen Mike or Dan take a short cut in anything that they've done. CDSF will be cleaned and sanitized with the appropriate procedures in place to make sure my son is safe. I know this because that's the type of people Mike and Dan are."
Jacque S.
CDSF Parent
"I won’t hesitate going back to the gym once it reopens. As they always do, Mike and Dan will put the health, safety and well-being of the members first. I am confident they will put procedures in place to keep us healthy.I'm excited to get back to the gym and see everyone. CDSF is a close community where we not only workout, but have a lot of fun."
Julie P.
CDSF Member
"What my daughter has enjoyed most about CDSF is its upbeat, positive and motivating environment. She repeatedly commented that CDSF pushed her to reach her maximum potential. Combined with the expertise of the CDSF staff, this encouraging environment lead to greater athleticism, strength, and speed. In turn this made her very confident in her training and athletic capabilities, an invaluable quality on any competitive playing field. I feel very comfortable sending my daughter back to CDSF when the appropriate phase of reopening from this pandemic allows. The staff at CDSF approaches every athlete with detail and precision and I trust that their approach to athlete safety during these unprecedented times will be no different."
Eric G.
CDSF Parent

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner looking to learn how to strength train safely and effectively or if you have been training for years and want to take it to the next level. We’re excited to help set you up for sustained success in the gym and get you strong and feeling your best!

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