The CDSF Staff put together a reading list of their favorite books for personal trainers and strength coaches who are looking to advance their career. We’re often asked where we learned specific exercises, programming strategies, and coaching cues. Or how we’re able to connect with our members and provide them with an amazing experience while growing our brand and business.

When you’re beginning your coaching journey the large amount of information you have access to can feel overwhelming. This is why we’ve created a four-level reading list to help personal trainers and strength coaches prioritize their continuing education and help make sure you’re getting a high return on your investment with your reading.

This isn’t the be-all and end-all of books for personal trainers and strength coaches, but rather a starting point for mastering and building upon the basics of training, psychology, nutrition, and business.

Level 1: The Basics

The books in this list will help you create a foundation for your training programs, get in the right mindset for personal development, understand the importance of communication and relationship building, and get you thinking about the business side of training.

Leve 2: Digging Deeper

Here you’ll take a deeper dive into specific topics like conditioning, nutrition, trigger points, pain, marketing, and customer service.

Level 3: The Science

In this section you’ll immerse yourself in the science of human movement, nutrition, business and financial organization, and psychology.

Level 4: Advanced Science

The books here take you down a rabbit hole where you’ll learn the complexities of strength and hypertrophy, power development, fascial lines, neuroplasticity, assessments, accounting, and decision making.

There are many other books we could’ve included in this list, but we feel this will give you a strong foundation for growing your career and allow you to pursue certain topics deeper that you have a strong interest in.


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